​Client : Syndicat intercommunal d’assainissement de la région d’Enghien-les-Bains SIARE
Location : Chauvry
Project : Landscape transformation of an old agricultural area into a sewage treatment plant.
Mission : Architectural and landscaping design HQE®
Area : Site: 11834 m²
           Building: 36 m²
Cost : 900 000 euros
Date : Technical Design studies in progress

The objective of the project is an eco-sewage treatment plant composed by planted reeds filtration beds, with a rustic technical building of 36m² inspired by the local architecture (simple shape, gable roof, natural stone cladding, light colors). The project is composed by two basins excavateds ponds and planteds ponds with reeds and other local water plants.


The location of the eco-sewage treatment plant is justified by its proximity to houses as well as its closeness to the watercourse that allows the outflow of the depollueted water treatment plant.


We promote sustainable techniques that minimize their impact on the environnement:
   - conservation of existing trees
   - small construction of a technical building
   - low impact operating coasts: planted reed filtration beds

HQE® targets :

Target 1: harmonious relation between building
and its environment

• Relaying waters to nearby cities by the creek.
• Perfect integration of the filtering ponds into the rural
• Low visual, olfactory and sound impacts on the environment.

Target 2: choice of integrated products and
building materials

• Construction materials: timber frame, natural stone
• Ground-stone road (grassed, engraved, sand limestone).

Target 5: water management
• Sewage water treatment by filtering ponds.
• Rain water in infiltrated into the earth.
• The sewage treatment will be by two basins planted
reeds filtration beds.
• These basins will be used to avoid overloading existing
water system.

Target 7 : operating management
• Operating of planted areas are minimized. Colorful
rustic meadows require only two mows per year.)

Target 15 : operating management
• The landscape of the sewage treatment plant is integrated
in the context local and the plots with the flowering
meadows, thematic gardens, and locals plants.
• Sewage water treatment plant by reed filtration beds
as well as the rustic plantations restore biodiversity on
the site.

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