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eco-design of a rainwater depollution station “The vegetalized block” in Champigny-sur-Marne, France.

Client : Val de Marne County
Location : Champigny-sur-Marne (94), France
Project mission: Architectural and landscape design
of the rainwater depollution station
Area : Site of 8 100 m²

Cost : 42 300 000 €
Calendrier : Competition 2022

The rainwater depollution plant will be located in the south of Champigny-sur-Marne and will sit at the interface between a preserved natural environment and a rapidly changing urban landscape.
The architectural and landscape design of the future rainwater depollution station meets the goal of integrating the buildings into its environment through architectural arrangements and high quality materials.
To reach this goal, the main axis of the project was to free the architecture - the ecological monolith - by integrating it into the natural landscape of Marne and reconstructing the biodiversity on the site in a “vegetalized block” therefore making a smooth transition between the center of Champigny and its large landscape.

 HQE® targets :

Target 1: Harmonious relationship of the building
with its environment

• Views of natural spaces: green roof, green honeycomb
• Limitation of visual constrains caused by the immediate
• Good integration of the building into the landscape.

Target 2: Integrated choices of construction
processes and products

• Siding in precast concrete panels allowing good resistance
over time and low maintenance.
• Vegetation on the roof.

Target 3: Site with low nuisance
• The main goal of the “green construction site” is to
manage the environmental constrains caused by the
various activities linked to the construction site.

Target 4: Energy management
• Insulation of the building envelope gives it good inertia
and reduces energy consumption.
• Natural light allowed by the skylights on the roof.

Target 5: Water management
• Treatment of rainwater thanks to a green roof.
• Management of runoff water using “evergreen” vegetated
slabs allowing the drainage of rainwater into the earth.
• The overflow of water is collected by green ditches.

Target 7: operating and maintenance
• Precast concrete walls require low maintenance.
• Low maintenance of landscaping.

Target 10: visual comfort
• The landscaping of the planted block provides flower
meadows, a biodiversity reserve and a vegetated valley
allowing the infrastructure to be well integrated into its

Target 15: biodiversity
• The project is part of an approach aimed at maintaining
favorable environments for the protected species of the
natural surroundings and the banks of the River Marne.

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