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Client : Eau de Paris
Location : Montigny-sur-Loing (77), France

                 Les Ormes-sur-Voulzie (77), France

                 Longueville (77), France
Project : Framework Agreement

                      BOST ENERGY

Date : Laureat 2023 - In process

The site of the Sorque Factory, situated in Montigny-sur-Loing (77), France, consists of 2 factory buildings and 3
other buildings dedicated to various activities including working space, with architectural styles between the 1960-
1970 and also the brick style. The energy-efficient renovation of the factory aims to improve the comfort for the
occupants during both summer and winter, while decreasing the buildings’ energy consumption at the same time.


Situated in Ormes-sur-Voulzie (77), France, the Ormes Factory of Eau de Paris est composed of one big building
in which mutitple functions are gathered together. For this factory standing in the middle of a naturel habitat, the
mission is to build an extension for the building, to improve the building’s energy performance and to design the
interior space for the personels at the same time.

Treated HQE® targets :


Target 1: Harmonious relation between the building and its environment:

Unification off all the existing façades : 

  • Unification and homogenization of all of the facades of
    each building by refurbishment, renovation, relooking, as
    well as the replacement of all of the windows and doors
    by energy-efficient windows and doors equiped with
    heat-protection systems.


Target 4: Energy management

  • Each facade of each building has been studied in order
    to find energy-efficient solutions for the interior space
    while preserving and improving the exterior space (the
    current architectural style of the buildings). The solutions
    include exterior insulations for the buildings built between
    1960-1970, coated with a tone the recalls the original
    architectural style. The windows and doors are replaced
    by energy-effecient materials with double glazing, as well
    as heat-protection systems.

Target 2: integrated choices for construction procedures

  • The insulants used in the project are biosourced materials
    (wood fiber panels), easily reused and recycled. The
    windows and doors proposed in the project are double
    glazing, guaranteeing an excellent insulation, and a
    maximum hygrothermic comfort. The existing frames and
    glasses will also be recycled.

Target 7: Maintenance management

  • Replacing the windows and the doors by those of the
    latest generation guarantee the performance of the
    buildings when it comes to energy efficiency in the long
    term, and the blinds (heat-protection systems) proposed
    also require almost no maitenance at all.

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