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Our company AR ARCHITECTES proposes to local authorities to accompany their projects with educational paths, in order to allow the greatest number of visitors, to approach the environmental and landscaping issues of their project, by designing educational panels, information leaflets, any type of support allowing a clear a schematic presentation of the environment which surrounds us, whether it is built or landscaped.


Each of your projects can be highlighted through a structured and sequenced path, allowing the public or user to become awared of the project's remarkable points, through educational challenges but also playful and accessible to everyone. AR ARCHITECTES will advise you in the definition of the site's path, and in the creation of any communication support.

Pedagogical panel

AR ARCHITECTES has included in each of its projects, an educational dimension by creating a visit of the site. The path is punctuated by educational panels that can take different forms, from rustic wooden panels to totem poles (custom-made), or panels integrating sculptures, such as on the site of the "Recycl'eau" wastewater treatment plant in Claye Souilly (77), in partnership with the Pennaneach's designer.

Educational Approach

Communication booklets

AR ARCHITECTES also proposes to design for each of your projects tailor-made communication booklets, and/or brochures, highlighting your project by creating a suitable graphic charter, logo, title, on any distribution medium, based on your needs and desires. The brochures presented as examples are on paper, A4 format for the projects: wasterwater treatment plant in Clay-Souilly (77), and Eco-waste water treatment plant in Asnieres-sur-Oise (95).

Customized objects

AR ARCHITECTES will combine imagination, originality and proven know-how to create a relevant support, disseminating information and enhancing the project logo: these supports can take the form of books, pens, key chains, card games... etc

Pedagogical tool stands

In order to discover our know-how related to wood construction and ecological materials, AR ARCHITECTES has designed, in partnership with ADEME ( Energy on managment institution), an eco-structure demonstrating know-how, in accordance with Morocco's national energy efficiency plan, and intended to become a technical platform to train professionals in Morocco.

Architecture models

AR ARCHITECTES also produces models of your project, building or layout, thus allowing a real representation at a given scale (scale 1, reduced scale, or enlargement) to facilitate reading of your project, and to be able to present it to as many people as possible. The models presented are those of the projects of the wastewater treatment plants of Bois le Roi/Chartrettes/Fontaine Le Port, and Claye Souilly.

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