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This project won the Wood construction 2009 award and was part of conferences during the 2009 Produrable Fair in Paris.

Client : SICTEUB
Location : Asnières-sur-Oise (95)
Project : Eco-construction HEQ©
Mission : Architecture HEQ® and landscaping
Design & built : AR ARCHITECTES, Degrémont Suez, ZUB, PINTO
Area : 2 400 m² 36 000m² area
Cost : 17 000 K €
Date : 2008-2011

The goal of this project was to fit sustainable industrial architecture in a rich landscape within the Natural Park of Oise Pays in France.

Treated HEQ® targets :

Target 1 and 2 :

  • The construction impact on neighboring residents is reduced. The plant is completely integrated into the landscape.

  • The operating building was designed just like the technical building enabling simple and efficient use.
    This building also takes into consideration architectural requirements. It was designed by contemporary architectural aspects, robust landscaping and with the objective to conserve natural area in mind.

  • This wood frame building, associated with our selection of natural, high performance materials, results in a robust, comfortable and lasting construction.

  • Floor insulation will be achieved by spreading cellulose lining between joists and against joists.


Target 4:

  • Target four is a main part of the project. The plant and its building are designed in such a way as to create a coherent complex with a bioclimatic building due to its position on a north-south axe which will greatly reduce heat use and enhance natural air conditioning.

  • The building’s North-South Sun exposure enables it to work with the climate using the solar energy available in natural light and heat to reduce energy consumption but still achieve the same comfort level. The operating building design is based on positioning, Sun exposure, insulation and interior space planning.

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