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Client : Syndicat TRI ACTION
Location : Bessancourt(95)
Project : Extension of a recycling center
Mission : Extension of a recycling center
Consultant Designer : IRH, AR ARCHITECTES
Area : 7 000 m²
Cost : 500 000 €
Date : November 2011

The recycling center of Bessancourt is integrated in a green setting appeasing the view of the construction from the outside. This Eco construction defines itself in particular through the implementation of the vegetalized roof, méleze wood framing and ochre coating. Ditches are designed to infiltrate the run-off into the earth.

Treated HQE® targets :

Target 1: Harmonious relation of the buildings with their immediate environment

  • The project develops the low impact of constructions toward local residents. The concern of integration in an existing constructed space, by compacity and discretion of the works from the road of Pierrelaye.

  • Vegetable screen existing along the Pierrelaye Street are reinforced by an union between trees and rustic bushes in order to reduce the impact of technical building.


Target 2: Integrated choices for construction procediors

  • Façades wood cladding alternating with ocher coating, in harmony with the existing buildings

  • Façades cladding of the technical building

  • Selection of the construction material to limit the environmental impacts to contribute in the ambience (hydrothermal, visual, acoustic and olfactory): Building with wood, and wadding cellulose insulation.


Target 5: Water Management

  • Infiltration of water streaming by valleys, semi aquatic plants as iris.

  • Limitation of waterproof zones: minimal extension of the existing street, plantations and abloom meadow.

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