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Client: City of Beynes
Location: Beynes (78)
Project: Construction HEQ© of a bioclimatic building open to the public
Mission: Architecture HEQ® and landscaping
Consultant Designer: AR ARCHITECTES
Contractors: Degrémont France Assainissement, ZUB
Area: 465 m² (16460 m² site area)
Cos: 4 500 k€
Date: 2010 - 2012

The Plantins de Beynes plant is located in the heart of a remarkable site surrounded by an archaeological area to the South and agricultural fields to the North. The architectural team aims to create a dialogue with the surrounding rural areas while respecting the biological balance in place and giving the development complex, using landscaping and architectural treatment, volumes, heights and coverings to harmonize new constructions with the immediate environment.

Treated HEQ® targets :

Target 1:

• The architectural and landscaping treatment of the development building, its volumes, heights and coverings harmonizes the new constructions with the immediate environment. The complex is made of Douglas wood cladding or gabion coverings.
• The bio climate complex, partially opened to public, is a definite reference for an educational tour of the plant.


Target 4:

• Passive design
• Heat pump
• Thermal solar panels


Target 11:

• Olfactory comfort is ensured by innovative organic bio filters which treat and extract polluted air
• Mud treatment is achieved by the use of Reed beds.


Target 8 and 9:

• Thermal and acoustic comfort is ensured with a green roof and insulation is made of agro materials.


Target 5:

•The building has a water area. The rehabilitation of an old hydraulic retention basin installation collects rainwater and streaming water thus creating ecological habitats and ensuring an available water reservoir for fire-fighters.
• Circulation areas are equipped with « evergreen » hollow-core slabs allowing rainwater to drain and guarantee a clean and stable area even when it rains, thus increasing weed growth.

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