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Client : Community of Bois-Colombes
Location : Bois-Colombes (92)
Mission : Competition HEQ® and landscaping
Consultant : Designer AR ARCHITECTES, Atelier Nervures, ALTO STEP, Beaulieu Ingénierie Area : 10 200 m²
Cost : 2 500 K € HT
Date : Competition September 2012

The intentions of the project of Eco-Jardin of the Park Pompidou turn to more legibility, coherence, breath and permeability of the townscape, while keeping an atmosphere of “village”. The bias is to offer a quality arrangement through landscaped spaces integrating the themes of breath, discovery and strata, into reminder in digression of the heights of the built of the new URBAN DEVELOPMENT ZONE Pompidou Le Mignon. The guidelines of the park turn compared with the existing and future built of the district, but also compared with the logic of urban insertion lived in saw various pedestrian, cycle and motorized traffic.

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