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Client : Saint- Germain Boucle de Seine
Location : Saint-Germain-en-Laye (78) and Chambourcy (78), FRANCE
Missions : Architecture and landscaping design concept and follow up

Plot area : 5 730 m²
Building area : 220 m²
Cost : 1 800 000
Date : Competition 2020

The “Boucle de la biodiversité” project is presented as a functional and sustainable solution. The environmental platform is built around a high dock to the west of the plot and a low dock to the east. In order to limit the earthworks. The project has been based on the natural topography of the site.
The intensive greening of the plot allows the project to integrate harmoniously into its near and far environment. In addition, the coating of the plateform with green alveolated slabs allows permeability and zero discharge of rainwater into the earth.

HQE® targets processed : 

Target 1 : harmonious relation between building and its environment

  • Trees planted along the plot boundaries act as a link between the town entrance to the south and the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye to the north of the plot.


Target 2 : choice of integrated products and building materials

  • Construction and coating materials were chosen for their durability, adaptability and low maintenance.

Target 5 : water management

  • Rainwater management on the plot is treated with several naturals process. This process protects biodiversity, recycles water and reduces maintenance operations.

  • Water is manage by green roofs that are designed on the top of the buildings.

  • Green planted ditches are designed to collect exceptional storm water.

Target 8 : hygrothermal comfort

  • The use of wooden fiber insulation as well as the installation of a green roof allow the guardian’s room to enjoy hygrothermal and acoustic comforts.

Target 10 : visual comfort

  • Visual comfort is treated thanks to the intensive plantation of the plot as well as the bio-based and bioclimatic design of the architecture.

Target 15 : biodiversity

  • All of the landscaping carried out on the site combines the effectiveness of ecological treatment with the conservation of flora and fauna adapted to this environment.
  • Birdhouses are located on the North facade of the waste storage building.
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