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Client : Urban Community du Grand Toulouse
Location : Castelginest (31)
Project : Eco-construction of the sewage plant of Castelginest
Mission : Architecture HEQ® and landscaping Competition
Design built : AR ARCHITECTES, Degrémont Suez
Area : 14 500 m²
Cost : 13 000 k€
Date : Competition in 2009

The environmental character of the plant’s development building goes hand in hand with its integration into the green environment, made up of rainwater and air treatment systems. However it also nourishes aquatic plants and diverse plant species. The main cycles are represented in circular development: the water, Cyclors and observatory cycles and the shrubby cycle and an aromatic fault.

Treated HQE® targets :

Target 1: Harmonious relation of the buildings with their immediate environment

  1. Reinforce the North-South axis: rehabilitate the existing building by adding a technical extension to the West and by extending the East side of the building to house a seminar room as a starting point for educational tours.

  2. Integrate ‘Cyclor’ hydraulic installations to integrate the composting building.

  3. Install the composting building in such a way that it integrates the industrial complex into the overall setting.

  4. Create a series of cycles around works to unite them: landscaping, pedestrian pathways, wetlands, ecological hooks with the natural Hers Mort setting.

  5. Liberate the heart of the court to optimize its use


Target 7:

Operating and maintaining wetlands
• The operating and maintaining are part of general maintenance: waterweed cutting, mowing …

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