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Contracting authority : Claye-Souilly city council (77)
Chief engineers : Cabinet Merlin
Mission : architecture and landscaping
Purification capacities : 14 000 RH
Location : Claye-Souilly (77)

HQE reflexions have been integrated in the design of the working building which takes the global landscaping into account. The aim is to create an innovating structure linked with its environment from a visual and ecological point of view. Our priority was to think out comfort and life standard on the site, but also energy control. More than the satisfaction of giving the example by diminishing the environmental impacts, the HQE approach applied to the building and to the site enables to diminish water and energy consumption while guaranteeing a great life standard and comfort for the users. What's more, HQE approach, with landscaping and biodiversity lay-out on the site, offers a real capitulation thanks to a relevant harmonization.

Eco-building targets :


Target 1 : Harmonious relationship between the building and its surroundings. Perfect visual insertion of the buildings in their surroundings, facade with wood outfitting, ecological materials enabling a better landscaping integration than the concrete, usually used.


Target 3 : Low pollution on the building site. Three main axes for environmental pollution reduction and control have been taken into account in this green building site :
- entering flow on the building site : engines, materials and products used on the site
- the building site itself : techniques used, waste management
- flow coming out of the site : evacuated waste, pollution for the side residents

Eco-management targets


Target 4 : Optimized energy control. Bioclimatic design of the working building in order to have as much solar heat as possible, installation of thermal solar sensors for the production of domestic hot water and of ground-coupled heat exchangers for heating or refreshing the air, depending on the season.

Target 5 : Optimized water control. Green roof with buffering rainwater Sedum and installation of a rainwater storage tank. Heavy public roads run-off water control by plants and gravity transport system to a damp green area planted with aquatic vegetables.


Target 6 : Optimized waste control. Waste produced by the use of the site : reduction of the production of activity waste but also management according to the current and the future collection style chosen by the grouping.

Target 7 : Care and maintenance. The durability of the works and of the equipment can be assured in a very simple and cheap way. Solid wood buildings and concrete technical works don't need any care.

Comfort targets :


Target 10 : Optimized visual comfort. Integration of the station in the natural milieu of a forest. Intention of alleviation of the visibility of works from the outside. Landscaping composed of different entities creating an eco-landscape on the whole site. A main entry leading to the damp area defines the activity areas: on the right, the treatment area, on the left a walkway and a place for public information on water treatment and its domestic life cycle in order to become aware of the limits of this vital resource thanks to a educational path. Rehabilitation of damaged banks on the site.

Target 11 : Optimized olfactory comfort. Fouled air coming out of the whitewash mud control by green filters planted around the warehouse of the Souilly site, in the form of outside filtering gardens.

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