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Client :SIARE
Location :Deuil-la-Barre (95)
project :Architectural and lanscape design of a sewage rain water storage plant
mission : Architectural and landscaping design HQE®
Area :4 931m²
Cost:11 055 665,00  euros HT
Date : Study in progress

The eco plant is located in front of an industrial site, on the northen side. On the South-East side are located train railways. On the West site will be created a futur green pedestrian axis that will be built by the city of Deuil-la-Barre. The desing concept of the project was to combine two simple cubic volumes: one with ocher metallic facades in relationship with the industrial zone and the other one with wooden facades and green vegetalized wall and roofs to create a harmonious link with the futur green pedestrian axis. Rooftops of the building will be accessible and planted. Nests for birds and bee hives will be integrated on the roofs.
All around the building will be planted flowering meadaws and rustic trees that will be able to restore biodiversity on the site.


HQE® targets :

Target 1: harmonious relation between building and its environment
• The objective was to provide facades with biodefradable materials, such as steel, wood and recyclable insulation (wood wool).
• Naturals areas: green roofs, green roads (planted slabs) and vegetated wall.


Target 2: choice of integrated products and building materials
• Sustainable materials are used : aluminum cladding, wooden cladding, green roofs, vegetated wall and wood wool (insulation).


Target 3: energy management
• Thermal insulation using wood wool.
• natural light.


Target 5: water management
• Water management by green roofs.
• Runoff water management on roads with planted slabs.
• Rainwater on roads and infrastructure is collected through ditches then driven to the storage station.


Targets 8 and 9: Hygrothermal and acoustic comfort
• Thermal and acoustic comfort is ensured with a green roof and insulation ( wood wool).


Target 11 : Olfactory comfort
• Biofiltration of the air using a vegetated wall, reducing bed smells.


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