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Contracting authority : Collas
Chief engineer : Atelier Po et Po - AR Architectes HQE approach
Mission : HQE eco-remodeling and landscaping
Location : Vaujours (93)
Works layout : 150 K€ (exclusive of tax) for water control

Eco-remodeling of Vaujours fort takes 3 environmental targets into account :
- sustainable water control (rain and wastewater) thanks to heavy public roads
- dust control on the site (waste separation, composting...)
- building site pollution control (incoming and outcoming flows, auditory pollution control...)

Eco-building targets:

Target 1 : Harmonious relationship between the building and its environment. Complete visual insertion of the building in its environment, stone facades remain, ecological material enabling a better landscaping integration and a good thermal resistance but also a very good phase difference. Limitation of the visual impact thanks to a green roof well integrated in the landscape.

Eco-management targets :

Target 5 : Optimized water control. Heavy public roads run-off water control by a green ditch witch receives rainwater. Selected vegetables in the ditch enable the degradation of a part of the pollutants (hydrocarbons, grease...) before the infiltration of the water into the soil. Planted ponds for the final transit of treated water which improve its biological quality before it's rejected in a natural milieu.

Target 6 : Optimized activity dust control. Waste separation system (activity waste and domestic waste of the workers) and evacuation to appropriate shakeout or recycling industries.

Target 3 : Low pollution building site. Environmental aims linked with the works are set beforehand : pollution reduction, lower energy and water consumption. Management of the entering flows (engines and materials and products used on the site), building site management (techniques used, waste management).

Flow coming out of the site management (evacuated waste, pollution for the side residents like noise, machines traffic). All the chosen materials have no chemical components (solvents; VOC, etc), which would risk to endanger workers' or future office occupant's health.

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