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Client : RTE
Location : Issy-les-Moulineaux (92)
Project : Architecture and landscape design of Harcourt's eletrical substation
Electrical capacity : 220kV et 63 kV

Budget: 6 000 000 euros
Date : Competition

The HARCOURT electrical substation building concept, also renamed “Biodiversity Skin”, was to integrate within the urban environment by combining nature and technicity.
The environmental and ecological approach was based on a global design of this eco-construction project (technical building and structure), considered as a living organism located in its environment and reacting with it.

The HARCOURT electrical substation building meets the requirements of RTE’s specifications and integrates perfectly into its environment by participating in the restoration of biodiversity in industrial and urban environments, following an High Environmental Quality (HQE®) approach.

HQE® targets :

Target 1 : harmonious relation between building and its environment
• The building was designed after studying the climat according to the the prevailing winds, and the sun trajectory, ...


Target 2: choice of integrated products and building materials
• Constructive choices :sustainability, adaptability and easy maintenance of the materials of construction ( concrete structure; metal cladding; clay facade; metallic sunshade )


Target 4: energy management
rainwater treatment by:

• Bicolimatic architecture oriented following an South/ north axis.


Target 5: water management

• Permeable green roofs are designed on the top of the building, they allow rainwater managment and treatment.
•Circulation areas are equipped with hollowcore green slabs allowing rainwater to drain and guarantees a clean and stable area even when it rains.

Target 15: protection of biodiversity
• Aromatic plants, urban garden, insect shelters, and beehives are placed on the roof to protect the biodiversity.

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