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Client : Office Municipal des HLM de Drancy
Location : Drancy (93)
Project : Eco-refurbishing
Mission : Concours, Architecture HQE®
Consultant : Agence Andreï Ferraru & AR ARCHITECTES
Area : 6000 m² SHON
Cost : 1 500K€ HT
Date : Competition in 2008

The objective of the project is to refurbish in an eco-friendly way an existing social housing building and to density the neighborhood by creating a 4400 m² for students residency.

Treated HEQ® targets :

Target 1: harmonious relationship between the building with its surroundings

  • The integrated green façade gives a better image of the existing building which will be more integrated into the environment.


Target 5: Water Management

  • The water coming out of the roof will fall through the filtering wall on the façade of the building.


Target 4: Energy Management

  • Solar panels are installed on the roof assuring the pro­duction of heated water.

  • Photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof to maxi­mize the production of electricity on the top of the build­ing.

  • The exterior insulated façade assures a better energy management inside of the building. As it is better insu­lated, the global energy consumptions will be highly re­duced.


Target 13: Air Management

  • Will be done above the parking. Filtering gardens for air treatment are integrated in the landscape g pergola, assuring the air treatment of the parking.

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