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Client: Town of Méréville
Location: Méréville (91)
Project: Eco-construction HEQ®
Mission: Architecture HEQ® and landscaping
Area: 220 m²
Capacity: 4 500EH, 683 m³/j used water
Cost:1900K € HT
Date: Beginning May 2008

The waste water treatment plant holds a capacity of 4 500 Equivalent Inhabitants, treating 683 m³/d of sewage water in the heart of the Juine Valley. This valley is known for its rich environment.
The operating building frame is made of wood and a mineral gabion covering. It is also equipped with a green organic roof which acts as a rainwater absorber and insulator, as a thermal solar sensor, a rainwater storage tank and a Canadian well.

Treated HEQ® targets :

Target 1: Using ecological and local materials

• Wood cladding: solid and robust material, recyclable material, naturally regulates dampness, quick assembly, strong resistance to earthquakes, thermal and phonic resistant.
• Gabion coverings: a mineral covering technique for façades which gives a rustic look to the building while balancing the organic aspect of the wood with the stone. The stones used are local: limestone from Essonne.


Target 3:

Three points to implement management actions and to reduce environmental pollution were taken into consideration in the green construction site program for Méréville sewage water treatment plant:
• Construction site incoming flow.
• The construction site itself: techniques used, refuse management…
• Site outgoing flow: evacuated waste, noise pollution for neighbouring residents are reduced.


Target 4:

Energy comfort control in summer/winter
• During the winter, heat from the Sun is conserved inside of the building thanks to the inertia of materials used and the presence of solid wood walls that reduces heat loss.
• In the summer, the best way to protect the building from too much direct sunlight is to install an outside canopy..

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