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Client : City of Metz

Location : Metz (57)

Project : Tertiary building “A” renovation HQE©

Mission : Design concept and follow up mission, architecture HQE® and landscaping.

Consultant : AR ARCHITECTES, VERDI Grand Est

Area : 1 200 m² area

Cost : 1 214 K€

Date : Competition 2017

Metz city’s objective was to renovate the Urban Technical Center, located in an industrial area, in the north of the city, and more precisely the renovation of the administrative and staff building “A” for administrative and security staff. AR ARCHITECTES designed an eco-project, functional and coherent with external spaces. The building includs vertical cladding to give more height.

HQE® targets:

Target 1 : harmonious relationship between the building with its surroundings:
• Architectural treatment of the administrative and staff building offers from Dreyfus Dupont street vertical rhythms: sometimes metallic, sometimes painted. These materials variances gives more height to the
building, taking into consideration the local environment.
• Entrance and exit managed by a double access.


Target 2 : choice of integrated products and
building materials:

• Choices of materials for their durability, their adaptability and the easy maintenance of the construction.
• Exterior insulation with wood fiber panels.
• Exterior plaster and recyclable metal cladding.
• Prefabricated metalic structure for the adminstrative and staff building extension.


Target 4 : Energy management:
• Natural light in all the workspaces.
• Double glazed aluminum carpentery.
• Mechanical ventilation system dual flow.


Target 5 : olfactory comfort:
• Olfactory comfort is ensured by an interior vegetalized wall in the reception hall.


Target 6 & 7 : Hygrothermal and acoustic comfort:
• Thermal and acoustic comfort are guaranted by the green roof on the top of the building.


Target 8 : Water management:
• Rainwater management by green roofs.
• Rainwater coming out of the roof is storred in a tank. Water is pumped for irrigation and cleaning.

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