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Client: Community of Le Creusot Montceau
Location: Montceau les Mines (71)
Project: Eco lanscaping, rainwater managment in a district
Mission: Landscaping HEQ®
Consultant Designer and Contractors: AR ARCHITECTES, Atelier d’Ecologie Urbaine
Area: 10 000m²
Cost: 2000 k€
Date: Beginning of the mission: mars 2011

The place is characterised by a large number of physical and visual limits in the lengthwise of the “Quartier des équipages”: La Bourbince (river), bank, picket fence of private area, again vegetable extend and the canal. This type of landscaping contradicts the direction of water’s flow and the belies connection between the district and the city.
So we suggest in the new landscaping to ensure and cross cutting approach of the place in terms of water flow and landscaping.

Treated HEQ® targets :

Target 1:

Harmonious relation of the buildings with their immediate environment
Architects and AEU have developed a project with technical, functional and landscaring osmosis:
- Promoting the area and finishing the land settlement of the district “Les équipages”.
- Developing a higher quality public space project.

- Dealing with the South Access matter of the district.
- Linking the Bourbince with the district, and the Bourbince with the city. - Clearing away an earth volume of 16 000m3
- Preserving and supporting the water flow.
- Keeping the larger space of land in preparation for receptionan enterprise.
- Anticipating future destruction of southwest garage.
- Integrating the landscaping of a walkway along the Bourbince.
- Equiping the place with car park even liable to flooding.
- Envisaging new duties to be rubble.


Target 5: Water management

- Taking up the current water system
- Organizing the management of the storm-drain.

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