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Client : The city of le Havre (CODAH)
Location : Castelginest (31)
Project : Construction of a waste reception centre.
Mission : Competition HEQ and landscaping
Area : 1 100m²
Cost : 2 665 k €
Date : Competition 2011

The urban planning and architecture aims is to establish all land and built works into a loop, in a concentric way on the west first half of the site, with an only position of access from the roundabout. This allows restoring the second half of the site to the natural environment in structuring this part of the site by planting of rotational crops of flowers and colors set-aside. A vegetal ditch harvesting rainfall and runoff system surrounds the outer portion of the project.

Treated HQE® targets :


Target 1: Harmonious relation of the buildings with their immediate environment

  • Concentrated development on the west first half part of the site, restricting heavy traffic loading spreading over in favor of permeable landscape.

  • Vegetation rate: of the whole plot (for about 40 000m²), for about 70%

  • Separation of transport flows and movement flows, pedestrian walkways: creation of two loops, one of witch is peripheral for heavy goods vehicles, and the other is interior for users and a green place at the center border a pedestrian path.


Target 4 : Energy management

  • BEPOS requisite level has been obtained. To this end, it is planned:

  • Furnaces powered by wood pellets (4kw)

  • Hot water heating thanks to 8 square meter of solar panels facing the south and southwest.

  • Low-energy lighting system and high light yield.


Target 5: Water Management

  • Installation of a rainwater storage tank: projected cost savings: around 40%.

  • Energy saving hydraulic system installed to minimize water use: double debit toilets, pressure inside the pipeline system limited to 3 bars, aerators in the faucets.

  • Autonomus vegetal purification system: planted filter of reeds available for treating pollution (waste water, soil, air...)


Target 9 : Acoustic comfort

  • Treatment of wall surfaces and penthouse against reverberation of noises: an absorbent of the Fibracoustic type, or equivalent.

  • Landscaping: mastery of propagation of sound by the shape of the landscape.
    Protection from prevailing winds, spread of dust, protective screen.

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