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Client :EP Seine Arch, Conseil Général des Hauts de Seine

Location: Nanterre
Project : Landscaping design
Mission : Design concept and follow up mission, landscaping HQE®
Consultant : Atelier Acanthe,
Designer : Site et Concept
area : plot 14 000 m²

Treating capacity : 36m³/h

Cost : 8 500 000 €
Date : 2003 till June 2006

The Parc des Bords de Seine project was designed as a «natural machine» to purify the city. It treats the Seine water via wetlands to channel water to survival islands in a green large ditch. The project creates an enjoyable atmosphere in a disparate place and a veritable biological system that positively and harmoniously interacts with the city.


Target 1:

Use opportunities offered by neighbours and the site: recompose the fractured and heterogeneous landscape, recreate sound inter-district connections.


Target 2:

It is planned to value part of the substrate on the site. In the technical area, waste from the park will be recycled: green waste composting, containers planted for ground regeneration,


Target 4:

•Reducing the demand for energy needs: buildings are positioned in such a way as to optimize lighting and therefore save money. Technical services have a greenhouse improving ventilation conditions in the summer and reducing energy consumption in the winter.

• Reinforcing the need to use good environmental energies. The Seine water channelling system is optimally designed with solar energy self-functioning pumps.


Target 5:

• Use of non-drinkable water: rainwater recuperation network for other uses excluding domestic use

• Creating wetlands to purify rainwater.

• Help to manage rainwater: reduce instant flow when rainwater is over abundant and avoid rainwater streaming.

• Roof rainwater is recuperated via an established park system for treating water.

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