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Client: Communauté de Communes Les Sources de l’Yerres
Location: Rozay-en-Brie (77)
Mission: Landscaping conception of an ecogarden and achievement of educational signs
Consultant Designer: AR ARCHITECTES
Aera: 4 750m²
Cost: 200 000 €
Date: October 2010

The aim is to develop an educational eco-garden around the new rural retirement home for the elderly and for the service buildings.

The principles of the garden

An ecological garden is a type of garden, whether private or public, made, managed and organised and kept in such a way as to restore and protect biodiversity and maintain a balanced environment

A series of garden planning suggestions to do so:
• A water hole, rainwater recuperating and treating systems (a mini natural pond)

• A large range of settings are available for wild species : hedge, grove, bush, dead wood, prairie zones cut down late or every second year, bundles of wood, bird’s nest boxes, all to restore the areas rich biodiversity.

• An ecological and different way of managing. Fruit and vegetables are grown according to principles of organic agriculture with systematic green waste composting. According to the ecological principle of resiliance, the gardener can not use chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides, for logical reasons, in order to maintain a well balanced ecological environment.
• The relationship between humans and their social and biological environment is questioned with the design of this new eco-garden. According to the principal of simple management, the quest for a balanced relationship between what we take and what is put back into the environment to be able to benefit from its diversity.
• These objectives are associated with a way of life (low consumption) while also getting garden users involved in their everyday habits.

Educational stations familiarize visitors with the ecogarden concept

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