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industrial site, HQE® approach: water purification and phytoepuration

Client: Communauté d’agglomération de Montpellier (34)
Location: Saint-Geniès-des-Mourgues (34)
Project: Conception-realization of a water treatment plan
Mission: Architecture and landscape HQE® competition
Design built: AR ARCHITECTES
Area: Build130 m², Plot 12 000 m²
Capacity: 7 200 EH
Cost: 2 500 K€ HT
Date: Competition 2014

The site, is situated near the village of Saint-Géniès-des-Mourgues and joins in a rural frame , at the heart of a wine-making zone, the right of the former water-treatment plant and near a natural brook.

This project aims to be to be before any an element a valuation for its village, due to the creation of a new architectural and landscaped, ecological and natural frame. The creation of a green case on the whole site, the Green Delta, comes to introduce raised natural spaces, standing ponds as well as vegetated set, in connection with its environment, while reducing the visual, olfactive and sound nuisances of the new constructions.

Treated HEQ® targets :

Target 1 : harmonious relation between a building and its environment


Target 2 : integrated choices of products, system and construction procedures

  • Creation of a green case: the GREEN DELTA

  • Treatment of the facades of the building thrown by the use of biodegradable materials, such as the wood and the gabion

  • Seen on the natural spaces

  • Limit of the nuisances engendered by the immediate environment · Impact of the building on the very limited neighborhood

    • squeleton wood (building of exploitation)

    • Bardage pine wood douglas

    • gabion facing

    • Heat insulation by absorbent cotton of cellulose


Target 4 : energy management

  • Building of exploitation arranged on a North-south axis to optimize the bright and thermal comfort of the internal spaces: wide glasses in the South protected from the superheating in summer by an overhang of roof.

  • thermal Solar panels to allow the autonomy in domestic hot water of the premises of exploitation


Target 5 : water management

  • Storage and rainy water treatment by a vegetated roof before rejection towards one vegetated set.

  • Recycling of the rainwaters of heavy public road networks towards one vegetated set.

  • Treatment of muds by standing beds of reeds


Target 7 : MAINTENANCE management

  • Preservation of the work and its equipments in working order


Target 10 : Visual comfort

  • Eco-landscaped arrangement of the project according to a principle of educational and didactic crossing of the site.


Target 11 : olfactve comfort

  • Arrangement of entities. Environmental aromatic and varied.

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