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Client : SIVOM Côte de Jade
Location : Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef (44)
Project : Reconstructionof the sewage treatment plant la Princetière
Mission : Competition HEQ© Architecture
area : m² SHON, parcelle m²
Cost : 9 700K€ HT
Date : Competition

The new buidings are implanted around an East-west axis, opening a perspective towatds gardens. Wooded area prolong the standing ridge line and minimize the impact of the constructions. The new constructions are grouped together on half of the site, releasing the West part valued by landscaping, and taking into account a possible extension of the plant. The aeration pound turns into an aquatic garden, an element of the educational path and a rainwater collect. In continuity with the surrounding landscape, lagoons are reorganized favoring the development of the biodiversity.

Les cibles HQE® traitées :


Target 1: harmonious relationship between the building with its surroundings
• Recycling principle: the rehabilitated aeration pond becomes the support of a promenade through a reconstituted biotope visible from dikes and pontoons. The path bring the public to discover a wide sight on lagoons.
• Reduction of the visual nuisances: the reused hydraulic works are well integrated thanks to wood cladding. Creeper plants (Honeysuckle, Bryone) recover a wire netting settled around the mud silo.


Target 2 : Integrated choices for construction procediors
• Choice of construction in terms of durability, adaptability and easy maintenance: dismantling, possibility to extend, choice of easy to maintain and easy to access materials for maintenance purposes.
• Materials: laminated wood frame, larch wood cladding, and metal cladding and gabion facing.


Target 4: Energy Management
• Conception of premises with regard to the period of sunshine: the main building takes advantage of the setting- up of the biofilter for air treatment and receive a contribution of calories by greenhouse effect.


Target 5: Water Management
• Collect and treatment of rain water by green organic roof • Treatment of streaming water by planted ditches: on the road networks waterproof surfaces waters are collected towards planted ditches.

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