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Client: SITA EspéranceSuez Environnement
Location: Sainte-Rose, Guadeloupe
Project: Waste treatment plant
Mission: Architecture HQE® and landscaping
Consulting architect: AR ARCHITECTES
Area: 225m²
Cost: 30 000K € HT
Date: From 2009 till 2011

The Maison de l’environnement frames are in wood with wood cladding and a galvanized steel roof with photovoltaic solar panels and solar thermal panels. Landscaping, plant screens, reed beds, and wetlands are rustic local species in harmony with the surrounding environment.
The project includes a private ground floor for administrative purposes and a level available to the public with an educational room and a large covered terrace overlooking the scenery.

Treated HEQ® targets

Target 1:

Good integration into the scenery via landscaping, plant screens, reed beds, and wetlands: local rustic plant species in harmony with the surrounding environment. The construction of a bioclimatic industrial-type building with modern design and adapted to the geographical situation.

Target 2:

Homogeneity in treating the front of projected buildings by using biodegradable materials. Laminated wooden frame, robust and sound materials, renewable and recyclable, quick assembly, light weight structure enabling savings in foundations.

Target 4:

Bioclimatic and passive principle according to the Sun exposure and possible supplies of heat and cool air. Facing East-West to capture light and heat from the Sun while protecting oneself from overheating: adapting to local climate. Building is on two levels to optimize air circulation: covered terrace on the upper floor, main areas have double exposure. Windows with shutters to keep out from the heat when the temperatures are very high.

Target 10:

Building at the entrance of the site for easy public access. Storage installation highlighted from the road for passer-by’s. Outer covering of wood cladding.

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