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Contracting authority : CAUE de la Somme (60)
Chief engineer : Agency Ferraru & AR Architectes
Mission : eco-town-planing, HQE and landscape architecture, winner of the competition “habiter en Somme”
Location : Somme (60)

The eco-district « habiter en Somme » has been designed by taking into account all the urban, architectural and landscaping characteristics of the site but also the environmental ones with the following targets, in order to create an energy low consumption district :
- harmonious relationship between the buildings and their environment
- optimized acoustic and hygrothermal comfort
- optimized energy control
- optimized waste control
- optimized visual comfort

Eco-building targets :

Target 1 : harmonious relationship between the building and its environment. Absolute landscaping integration of the district giving a progressive link between the agricultural and urban wefts.

Eco-management targets :


Target 5 : Optimized water control. Water control : wastewater is treated in the place by filtering zero-rejection gardens; a system of gray water collection and green filters treatment enable to reuse the water in the housing bathrooms; roof rainwater is collected by green ditches enabling its filtration and its transporting to a natural swimming pool with a bathing quality water. This swimming pool is a large stock of water used for the cleaning of the roads and the watering of green ways.

Targets 8 and 9 : hygrothermal and acoustic comfort. Use of a green terrace on all the constructions. Use of sustainable materials with solid wood building but also sheep wool and fermacell as sustainable insulator. Installation of ground-coupled heat exchangers inside the constructions in order to maintain an unchanging temperature in summer and in winter.

Target 4 : Optimized energy control. All the constructions have an autonomy in domestic hot water thanks to thermal solar sensors; the constructions are also bioclimatic thanks to their north-south orientation in order to reduce heating and air-conditioning consumptions.


Target 6 : Optimized waste control. The whole site has very simple care and maintenance since the water filtering gardens need no care. Moreover, to inform the inhabitants, there is a green farm where they learn to manage filtering green ways and to produce and grow vegetables in nurseries. Biomass production will be taken advantage of thanks to biomass boilers which produce heat.


Target 10 : optimized visual comfort thanks to pleasure landscaping mainly composed of resistant species which enable the restitution of the biodiversity on the site.

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