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Client: Private
Mission: architecture HQE and landscaping
Superficie de la parcelle : 650m²
SHON: 132m²
Cost: 200 000 € TTC
Location : Thomery (77)
Date of conclusion of contract: 2008
Beginning of works : September 2009
End of works: January 2010

The design of this private house in Thomery is particularly focused on its harmonious integration with the environment near as far off. The land is situated in its part in flood area, the construction is will locate in western part of the land: timber frame house, which is included on a land of 650 m², enclosed partially by stone walls; the respect of the regulatory provisions imposes a privileged orientation openings to the east and west.

Targets of eco-construction :

Target 1: Harmonious relation of the building with its environment
Perfect visual insertion of the house in its environment, frontages preparing wood, ecological material allowing a better landscape integration than the traditional concrete. The roof, which is in slope and very present on the facades east and west, will be fully green. The walls of fences existing in stone, will be kept and the portals in wood existing rehabilitated or changed in the same.

Targets of eco-management :

Target 4: Optimized management of energy
Optimized management of energy by bioclimatic design of the house with an optimization of the bright contribution in the north, by minimizing openings. The rooms of life are directed southeast and southwest, and the lounge has a double height allowing better natural ventilation. The main heating will be assured by a wood stove, which broadcasts the heat stemming from the combustion of the wood and which is little polluting.


Target 5 : Optimized management of water
Green roof in sedums having a role of plug of rain water, and installation of a tank of recovery of rainwater. Management and treatment by the plants of surfaces waters of the heavy roadway systems, by gravitating routing toward vegetalized valleys. Creation of a planted wetland of watery plants.


Target 7: Maintenance & durability
The durability of the works and the equipment is taken into account so that the durability of the installation is simply assured and with lower costs. The sawn timber house and the technical works do not require any treatment.


Targets of comfort :

Target 8: Optimization of hygrometric comfort
Thanks to the green roof, the house will have a hygrometric comfort, the heat insulation is preserved for rooms in the floor. The green roof will have a role of protection against the thermal shocks, and reduction of the temperature variations until 40 %.

Target 9: Optimization of acoustic comfort
The sound levels of the equipment of treatment are blocked up by materials absorbing the sounds (wood, green roof).

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