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Client : Conseil General du Val de Marne (94) - DSEA
Location : Villiers sur Marne (94)
Project : Architecture and landscape technical premises of a pond buried for storage of rainwaters
Mission : Architecture and landsce HQE® Competition
Area : Build 300 m², Plot 1 000 m²
Cost : 1 500 K€ HT
Date : Competition 2014

This project aims at optimizing the architectural and landscaped integration of the technical premises above-ground,connected to the exploitation of the pond buried for storage of the rainwaters of the La Bonne Eau in Villiers sur-Marne.
The whole operation will thus become integrated into an urban site in full renewal, valuing the residential area and the future station of Big Paris Express, enriching the biodiversity of this site located in ZNIEFF and minimizing the visual pollutions for the local residents.

HQE® targets :

Target 1 : Harmonious Relation of a bulding and its environment
• Creation of a vegetated merlon of access to the roof.
• Creation of green bows
• Work on the view from the future station: vegetated roof and treatment of facades
• The vegetated roof is tilted towards the urban development zone, and continues by a vegetated facade, limiting the visual pollutions of the inhabitants.
• The merlon in the South and in the East is alternately stabilized by a rhythm of low walls gabion and of faggots of alive willows, which are going to stress the landscape integration of the building.


Target 2 : intergrated choices of products, systems and construction procedures.
• Monowall structure of pumice and skeleton wood stuck lamellé, with a very big resistance, a precise sizing, and an esthetics of the forms.
• Metallic Bardage, bardage wood, gabions low walls, fascinates of alive willow
• Insulation of the roof by panels of wooden wool


Target 4 : energy manamgement
• Thermal solar cells for the South facade, and tilted, for the balloon of ECS of the developer, and also serves as breeze sun
• Optimization of the glazed openings: limited but sufficient
• VMC doubles flow
• Heat pump Air-Water: heating and refreshment economy in energy


Target 5 : water management
• Rainwater treatment with a vegetated rooftop and a vegetated wall
• Run off water by draining zones and vegetated honeycombed paving stones raitement


Target 11 : olfactive comfort
• Vegetated roof biofiltering over 70m²

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