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​Client : Department of Val de Marne
Location :Vitry-sur-Seine
Project : Architectural and lanscape design of a sewage rain pumping station
Mission : Architectural and landscaping design HQE®
Area : 220 m²
Cost : 1 000 000 euros
Date : Wining competition 2015 - Study in progress

The pumping station is integrated into a dense urban context, on the East side are located railways, to the North, futur buildings, to the South, 86th highway and to the West, an industrial area of Vitry-sur-Seine. The concept of the architectural and landscaping design project was to create a green ditch in the urban territory by restoring biodiversity on site.

HQE® targets :

Target 1: harmonious relation between building
and its environment

Outdoor spaces quality for users:
• The objective was to provide facades with biodegradable materials, such as steel and recyclable insulation (wood wool).
• Natural areas: green roof and green roads (planted slabs)


Target 2: choice of integrated products and
building materials

• Sustainable materials are used : aluminum cladding, stone cladding, green roof and wood wool (insulation)


Target 3: energy management
• Thermal insulation using wood wool

• Heating pump air-water


Target 5: water management
• Water management by green roofs
• Runoff water management on roads with planted slabs


Targets 8 and 9:
• Thermal and acoustic comfort is ensured with a green
roof and insulation ( wood wool)

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