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Contracting authority : Vittel city council (88)
Chief engineer : X.DIDELOT Architect, AR Architectes HQE approach, BET Phytorestore.
Purification capacities : 72 EH
Location : Vittel (88)
Works layout : 850 000€ HT

The area for traveling people has been designed to deal with all effluents of inhabitants' activities. Water control is the priority of this project. The chief environmental target is an optimized rainwater and wastewater control, keeping in mind the integration of the facilities in the landscape.


Eco-building targets :

Target 1 : harmonious relationship between the building and its environment. Complete integration of the traveling people area into the landscape, thanks to the plantation of shrubby hedges and other trees.

Eco-management targets :


Target 5 : Optimized water control. Wastewater is treated in the place by zero rejection filtering gardens, thanks to the combination of horizontal and vertical filters associated with a willow tree short rotation coppice which enables the loss of purified water. Run-off water is transported toward green ditches which degrade transported contaminants and infiltrate the water into the soil.

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