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Client : Communauté de communes des portes de Romilly-sur-seine
Location : Romilly sur Seine (10), FRANCE
Project : Eco-construction HEQ©
Mission : Architecture HEQ® and landscaping
Area : 45 710 m²
Cost : 2 400 K€
Date : Inaugurated on September 24th, 2022

The idea of the dump’s project is to create a buffer zone between the existing industrial zone in the north of the plot and the green fields (ZNIEFF type I) localized in the south. This natural landscapings, this eco-construction building, and this industrials infrastructures are incorporated into the close and distant environments.
The dump design is following the natural relief curves of the immediat environnement, this form give to him the name of green amphitheatre. “ Amphitheatre de verdures”
The rain water storage of 110 m2 is created and promote infiltration of the rainwater of the road and roof into the soil.
The operating building (178.57 m²) is implanted along a north-south axis, followed the course of the sun and the prevailing winds and equiped  of green roof, providing bio-climatics properties. The objectif of this project was to fit a sustainable industrial architecture in a rich landscape.

Operating building's energetic performance : Bbio (79.50 kwh/m²/year) ≤ Bbiomax : 84 kwh/m²/year (French 2012 Thermal Regulation).

Treated HEQ® targets :

Target 1: harmonious relation between building and its environment :

  • Olfactory comfort is ensured by the implantation of the storage dumpsters based of the pravailing winds.

  • Establishment of a greneery aound the site : Combination of a rustic locals plant ( trees, green hedges and shrubs).

  • This landscape project restores and protect biodiversity

Target 2:  choice of integrated products and building materials

  • Sustainable materials are used : aluminium cladding, terracotta cladding, metal structure, wooden construction, green roofs, wood wool (insulation), roof insulation.

Target 4: energy management :

  • The building is oriented to a sout-east / north west axis to establish a bio-climatic strategy taking into consideration rays of the sun.

Target 5: water management :

  •  Water is manage by green roofs that are designed on the top of the building by green planted ditches are designed to collect exceptional storm water.

  •  All the rainwater are stored inside green planted ponds and they can be used by fire-fighters.

  • The rainwater is managed by plants and infiltrated into the soil inside valleys vegetated green planted ditches.

Target 9 et 15: visual confort and biodiversity

  •  The lansdcapes area are planted with a rustic plants, red, yellow and blue promoting protection of biodiversity  on this industrial site.

  • The fence limits visual impact.

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