Bois-le-Roi (77)

Eco-Sewage Treatment Plant in Bois-le-Roi Chartrettes Fontaine-le-Port - France

Client : Cites of Bois-le-Roi Chartrettes Fontaine-le-port

Location : Bois-le-Roi (77), France

Project : Eco-Design HQE®

Mission : Design concept and follow up mission, architecture HQE® and Landscaping

Consultant : AR ARCHITECTES, Contractors OTV France Nord, CAVAZZA

Area : Plot 5 476m²

Capacity : 10 000 inhabitants

Cost : 2 100 000 €

Date : 2007-2008

Bois le Roi- Chartrettes- Fontaine-le-Port: A waste water treatment plant or an ecological park?

An innovative waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 9 800 Equivalent-inhabitants, treating 1933 m³/d of sewage water in the heart of the Livry Park in Chartrettes. The site is surrounded by forests and the river Seine where water is rejected. Rustic bushes are part of the scenery and are used for pedestrian walkways. Wetland as ecosystems are recreated in this environment.