AR ARCHITECTES is a French and international architecture agency based in Paris, founded in 2003 by Ruba ALABED, DESA Architect, General Delegate of the Club ADEME International and Foreign Trade Advisor of France.

The agency pursues an approach where nature, biodiversity and the built and unbuilt environment are at the heart of its thinking. Through numerous projects and achievements, AR ARCHITECTES masters architectural, urban and landscape eco-design, associated with the engineering of new technologies, aimed at reducing energy consumption, as well as restoring natural resources and biodiversity in development and construction.

Since its creation, the commitment of AR ARCHITECTES has been concrete and tested following a global methodology. A precursor of numerous approaches to High Environmental Quality (HQE©) design, its methodology is based on five main points:

– The architecture and design of constructions and renovations on low carbon bases, taking into account all normative constraints,
– The use of sustainable materials – biosourced and geosourced – at all stages, from design to completion of a project and for all functions of the building and infrastructure,
– The energy efficiency of buildings by bringing together all vernacular, bioclimatic, current and innovative techniques, in order to make buildings positive in terms of energy and resources,
– Landscaping which is done through technical knowledge in order to integrate the environment and plants directly linked to the building in an active role,
– The exhaustive study of the environment specific to the site with the permanent objective of adopting a bioclimatic approach, preserving and restoring biodiversity.

This methodology and the HQE© approach of AR ARCHITECTES have been applied in numerous achievements in France and internationally of eco-constructions, eco-renovations, eco-urban planning and landscape, accessibility and in all feasibility studies.
Furthermore, the agency supports public or private project owners in environmental construction certification missions and in the implementation of an environmental awareness approach through educational courses.

Under the leadership of Ruba ALABED, this multidisciplinary team draws on the knowledge acquired from its experiences of the past, continues to apply its eco-convictions in the present, in order to build a more sustainable world for the future. Its philosophy is “Nature Value Builder”.

Awards won by the agency

HQE© certification, Exceptional Level, from the French embassy in Doha, Qatar. CERTIVEA - CERWAY, December 16, 2021

Beynes 2014 finalist in the “Construction of ERP tertiary buildings” category!

Beynes, obtained the Janus de Cité 2014 label from the IFD, October 2014

Certification awarded by CERTIVEA, according to the CERWAY standard, on December 16, 2021

Beynes selected by the jury of the National Construction Wood Prize in July 2014.

Construction 21 in October 2017 for the Plantins Eco-wastewater treatment plant project in Beynes (78).

Claye Souilly (78) in 2008, Asnières-sur-Oise (95) in 2009 and a wooden house in Thomery (77) in 2010.

press kit and reference book

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Click on the image to download the file in PDF