Dujiangyan China

Eco-Design of Offices in a Housing District in Dujiangyan – China

Client : City of Dujiangyan

Location : Sichuan, China

Project : Design an eco-district in Dujianyan

Mission : Landscaping and HQE® design

Consultant : Jacques Rougerie, Signes Paysag­es, Alain Cousseran, Emmanuel Pouille architecte urbaniste, AR ARCHITECTES

Area : Plot : 8 000 m²

Cost : 30 000 000 €

Date : Winning competition in May 2010

In front of the new administrative pole of the Cen­ter of Dujiangyan, registered in the UNESCO world heritage, the urban design of a new administrative and commercial center allows the writing of one Contemporary architecture, real interpretation of a traditional Chinese motivation.

The organization of the water networks in the district are done in channels that allows the im­plementation of Environmental techniques. Water management is done by constructed wetlands, in echo with ancestral realizations, creating land­scaping channels, ponds in the heart of the de­signed district.