Saint-Geniès-des-Mourgues (34)

Eco-Design of a Sewage Treatment Plant in Saint-Geniès-des-Mourgues - France

Client : Communauté d’agglomération de Montpellier

Location : Saint-Geniès-des-Mourgues , France

Project : Design and build

Mission : Design concept, architecture and landscaping HQE® competition


Area : 130 m², plot 12 000 m²

Cost : 2 500 000 €

Date : Competition 2014

The site, is situated near the village of Saint-Géniès-des-Mourgues and joins in a rural frame at the heart of a wineyard zone.

The objective is to creat a plant treating sewage water of the city with a classical and ecological way. Reed beds treat sludge and constructed wetlands are designed for water coming out of the plant. The operating building is in a wooden frame and designed in a bioclimatic way.