Bagneux-sur-Loing (77)

Environmental Feasibility Study for the Municipality of Bagneux-sur-Loing, France

Client : VAL DU LOING HABITAT – Municipality of Bagneux-sur-Loing

Location : Bagneux-sur-Loing, France

Mission : Environmental feasibility study


Date : 2016

Bagneaux-sur-Loing, long and narrow city, situated in Seine et Marne built itself around the history window: the quality of the sand and the abundance of forests attracted, from the XVIIth century, glassworkers to the municipality. Two industries, have an activity of industrial glass production (vitreous ceramic, insert of fireplace, ophthalmic glass); producing several thousand tons of glasses a year, through several working glass-making ovens 24 hours a day and 7d./7, and producing fatal energy that could be recycled/reused for the urban projects to come in the city.