Orry-la-Ville (60)

Eco-Construction of the Operating Building PR5, above the Lifting Station of the Thève and Ysieux Valley in Orry-la-Ville, France

Client : SICTEUB

Location : Orry-la-Ville (60), France

Project : Architectural and landscaping design of the PR5 and lifting station building

Mission : Architectural and landscaping design


Area : Plot : 750m², Building : 100m²

Cost : 9 000 000 €

Date : Delivered in 2019

The Lifting Station PR5 project is part of the Coye-La-Forêt wastewater treatment plant carried out by the Syndicat Intercommunal for the Collection and Treatment of Wastewater from the Bassin of Thève and Ysieux (SICTEUB). The project is located in a rural site on the border between urban areas (housing at 100m) and natural areas (undergrowth, agricultural plains, etc…). The building designed by AR ARCHITECTES is inspired by the architecture of an agricultural farmhouse and fits harmoniously into the landscape thanks to its volume and wooden materiality.

The PR5 consists of two entities, the buried part is made of concrete, it contains the storage of the discharge station. The above-ground part contains the electrical room, the ventilation room and the operator room.