Romilly-sur-Seine (10)

The Green Amphitheater - Eco-Design of a Platform of Waste-Sorting System In Romilly-sur-Seine (10) - France

Client : Communauté de Communes des portes de Romilly-sur-Seine

Location : Romilly-sur-Seine (10), France

Project : Creation of an environmental platform (recycling center)

Mission : Design and Landscape


Area : Plot : 45 710 m², Building : 715.87 m²

Cost : 2 400 000 €

Date : Inaugurated on September 24th, 2022

The objective of the project is to reduce the impact on the environment. The infrastructure, as well as the landscaping and the operating building have been designed taking into consideration the natural slope of the plot, the climate (the course of the sun and the prevailing winds).

Therefore, the operating building (178.57 m²) was designed bioclimatic and was constructed in wooden frame, insulated by wooden fiber and equiped with green roofs.

A sustainable management of rainwater by the use of aquatic ponds and green ditches was also used to create a project with low impact on the environment. Treatment of polluted rainwater by the use of plants, restauration of the biodiversity on site has been achieved.

Operating building’s energetic performance : Bbio (79.50 kwh/m²/year) ≤ Bbiomax : 84 kwh/m²/year (French 2012 Thermal Regulation).