Villiers Saint Frédéric (78)

“Living in the Canopy” – Eco-Environmental and Landscape Design of a Waste Water Treatment Plant in Villiers Saint Frédéric - France

Client : Inter-communal sanitation syndicate of the region of Neauphle le Château (SIARNC)

Location : Villiers Saint Frédéric (78), France

Project : Desing concept, Architecture HQE® and landscaping


Area : 2 000 m²

Cost : 20 000 000 €

Date : Competition 2017

The project’s design aim was to create a perfect harmony between the existing green site and future industrial building. The operating building objectives was to cross the river “La Mauldre” and to create a very strong link into trees and nature; an if the building wad inhabiting nature “Living in the Canopy”. The operating building was designed in a bioclimatic orientation. It is very well insulated and constructed with a wooden timber frame. The roofs are vegetated and the upper roof has nests for birds and hives for bees. A pedestrian educational pathway was designed for scholars to show awareness on environmental issues and biodiversity restoration in an industrial plant.